March, 8th 2022

The Women’s Day of Wine, celebrated by the Associazione Nazionale Donne del Vino every year on 8 March, has reached its seventh edition. This is an important and particularly engaging event that sees the participation of all the Associates involved in organizing events and activities in support of the initiative.

The theme proposed this year “Women, Wine, Future“, is accompanied by a message of peace and the official hashtag #CultivateTheFuture. To make the celebrations go viral, it was asked the Associates to label one of their bottles with the logo of the event and to entrust it with a message dedicated to the new generations.

The image of the event represents the heterogeneity of the female universe of wine that looks to the future in different directions, but with the same supportive and confident spirit. Long waves that recall communication and grape leaves and bunches are the backgrounds to highlight the importance of the network.

Monica Vettor’s message

Monica Vettor spared a thought to all the young women, inviting them to be true and courageous: “Do not conform to what society requires, just believe in yourself and realize yourselves!” Together with the other producers, Monica Vettor symbolically contributes to cultivating the future with courage and determination.

The bottle, therefore, becomes the symbol of the future of female wine, it turns into a special time capsule that every woman can leave to her daughters, becoming a symbol that unites different ages.
For the first time, the Women of Wine Days will also take place simultaneously in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Chile, Croatia, France, Georgia, Germany, New Zealand, Peru, and the USA.