The tale

The roots, the family, the first memories, and the authentic values ​​of a woman who became a producer with determination and a marked preference for excellence and emotion.

My story


This was in the 1970s and returning to the memory of that period, I remember perfectly the scents of the vineyard, the reflections of the wine in silhouette, the tablecloths set on the lawn and the voices of the grandparents who chased each other in that large house we shared with my family.

Authentic and deeply rooted values ​​bound each of us. At the same time, under the silent supervision of my mother, my father’s unconventional vision guided everyone’s commitment to the growth of the family business.

This is how the first label of Tenuta Vettor Antonio and Son was born in 1969 with the profile of the Municipality of Pordenone engraved on it. In 1982, the property expanded thanks to the purchase of new land located in the hamlet of San Foca (Municipality of San Quirino), within the Magredi del Cellina and the advice of important Friulian and Trentino oenologists.

“I still seem to see the purple hands of my father Claudio, who made wine, the days of decanting in November, when our courtyard was filled with colours; the arrival of the concrete barrels in the first cellar, and the days spent bottling in the cold, with the splashes of wine staining my face.”


In the 1990s, I supported my brother Marco’s oenological experience with my technical and commercial knowledge in the company: these are years of constant work and great dedication, which led in 2006 to the creation of the new Quinta della Luna logo and, shortly after, to embrace the prosecco method, so loved and requested in our lands. Every emotion, concern, decision, satisfaction, and goal were shared in family, the same family that at the beginning of 2020 supported my dream of giving life to my personal, all-female project.

Driven by the desire to look beyond, towards a future that I could perceive more clearly, and by the need to share my values, story, and my deep love for the world of wine, I founded the company that today bears my name. Supported by my partner and my children, I promised to convey through my production the same intense enthusiasm, the strong identity, and the sincere respect that I taught them to keep for life and for the nature that surrounds us and of which, now, I am the careful keeper.

“I am inspired by every corner or most enchanting detail of the company, from the light that filters through the cellar, to the flowers that bloom between the rows. They remind me of the Dahlias collected by my grandmother Irma. Finally, the mountains in San Leonardo, so imposing and austere, that protect my vineyards from the coldest winds.”


Monica wines

Two distinct pathways of the same natural pursuit of excellence: the Monica Vettor Prosecco Rosé and the Pinot Grigio.

Express shipping within 24h of the order and free in Italy from 100€ of expenditure; Minimum order of 2 bottles, also for different types of wine; Packaging ecofriendly; E-commerce service available for the Italian market only.

Traggo ispirazione da ogni angolo o dettaglio più incantevole dell’azienda, dalla luce che filtra nella cantina, ai fiori che sbocciano tra i filari, che mi ricordano le Dalie raccolte dalla nonna Irma, alle montagne a San Leonardo, così imponenti e austere, pronte a proteggere i miei vigneti dalle correnti più fredde.


An intertwining of stories, experiences, skills and research: these are the women who work together with Monica Vettor and who help create the essence of the feminine wines that everyone loves.