The essence of feminine wine

This was in the 1970s and returning to the memory of that period, I remember perfectly the scents of the vineyard, the reflections of the wine in silhouette, the tablecloths set on the lawn and the voices of the grandparents who chased each other in that large house we shared with my family.

my story

Authentic and deeply rooted values ​​bound each of us, while, under the silent supervision of my mother, my father’s unconventional vision guided everyone’s commitment to the growth of the family business.


The long rows of Monica Vettor’s vineyards extend into the heart of the high plain of Pordenone on the wings of the secondary fans of the Cellina stream


A particularly evocative natural landscape made unique by an expanse of gravel and stones deposited by the Meduna, Cellina, and Tagliamento rivers


The hamlet of San Leonardo in Montereale Valcellina, the Casa “Ronco del Falco”, San Quirino, and Cordenons are the cradle of Monica Vettor’s vineyards



Events, exclusive previews, wine pairings, curiosities, and many other insights to stay up to date on the world of Monica Vettor.

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Monica vettor’s wines

Two distinct pathways of the same natural pursuit of excellence: the Monica Vettor Prosecco Rosé and Pinot Grigio.

Express delivery within 24h of ordering free in Italy from 100€ of expenditure; Minimum order of 2 bottles, also for different types of wine; Packaging ecofriendly; E-commerce service available for the Italian market only.


An intertwining of stories, experiences, skills, and research: these are the women who work together with Monica Vettor and who help create the essence of the feminine wines that everyone loves.