The respect for the land

As a respectful guardian of the land in which she was born, Monica Vettor is the interpreter of a territory, rich in expression, culture, and history.


The lands in which the vineyards of Monica Vettor grow have alluvial origins and are the result of the slow flow of the rivers Meduna, Cellina and Tagliamento that, over the millennia, have deposited in the heart of the high Friulian plain limestone material-Dolomite, making the natural landscape particularly suggestive.

The history of Monica Vettor has been intertwined since the beginning with the development of the DOC Grave appellation, the largest in Friuli Venezia Giulia, which, with its 7500 hectares of vineyards, extends between the provinces of Pordenone and Udine, close to the Friulian Alps.


It is thanks to the protection offered to the north by the Carnic Prealps and the Dolomites and to the favorable proximity to the Adriatic Sea that the territory of Grave is made unique by a dry and ventilated climate, capable of encouraging an extremely high quality wine production even in rainy vintages. The soil, characterized by a wide stony surface, enhances the temperature range between day and night, giving the grapes a strong range of aromas, excellent structure and extreme elegance.

A unique and unrepeatable terroir that Monica Vettor enhances through the production of Prosecco Rosé and Pinot Grigio, two different expressions and two distinct historical paths of the same natural search for excellence.


The long rows of Monica Vettor’s vineyards extend into the heart of the high plain of Pordenone on the wings of the secondary fans of the Cellina stream


A particularly evocative natural landscape made unique by an expanse of gravel and stones deposited by the Meduna, Cellina, and Tagliamento rivers


The hamlet of San Leonardo in Montereale Valcellina, the Casa “Ronco del Falco”, San Quirino, and Cordenons are the cradle of Monica Vettor’s vineyards

Imagine how a unique terroir gives life to excellence


Monica VETTOR’s wines

Two distinct pathways of the same natural pursuit of excellence: the Monica Vettor Prosecco Rosé and the Pinot Grigio.