A mix of stories, experiences, skills, and research: these are the Women who work together with Monica Vettor and who contribute to creating the essence of the feminine wines that everyone loves.



The world of wine entered my life partly out of curiosity and partly out of challenge: one day, someone told me, “the wine sector gives so many gratifications, too bad you are a woman.” This encouraged me in my studies, led me to collaborate with numerous companies in Italy and abroad, and made it clear that being a woman in a historically male sector is only a great added value.

“An extraordinary empathy immediately arose with Monica, probably dictated by the challenges that each of us was facing at that time in this exceptional sector – she as a producer, I as an oenologist. The wines we produce are unique. They tell of the land in which they are born and above all, they are the maximum expression of the extraordinary character that distinguishes Monica Vettor.”


My job is to tell through images: I have chosen drawing as a form of communication because I have always found it the most spontaneous and sincere way to relate my interiority with the outside world. My works tell what I see, love, hate, and fear.

“Collaborating on Monica Vettor’s project allowed me to express myself freely, starting from a common basis: love for nature and the desire to celebrate femininity, even in the world of wine.”


I love the scent, the harmony, the elegance, and the sound of words. Placed next to each other – or alone – they generate beauty. Writing, therefore becomes the most natural and pleasant way to express the beauty that I notice, looking for it in every form, person, and memory.

“Describing Monica Vettor’s initiative, courage, hard work, love, the pursuit of excellence and innovation is simple: just let yourself be guided to discover her story, tasting her productions with your eyes closed. Beauty makes little noise, yet it is found everywhere, even in a glass of wine. You need to know how to grasp it, get excited and, make it your own.”


Freelance, curious, and multipotential, I define my world by my passions, including food, wine, and spirits. Growing up among recipe notebooks and science books, I merged it into my university career in Food Science and Technology, graduating as a Sommelier and earning the title of grappa and spirits taster and sensory judge.

“With Monica Vettor and her team of women, I have found a fertile environment to combine our strengths and skills and give due weight to the female essence as well. With her, I bring creativity to organizing events and tastings and support her in training and consulting on the more technical aspects.”


As someone who is always interested in the visual arts, I specialized in portrait and advertising photography, focusing my research on people and local companies. My approach is to know and experience what I decide to photograph.

“Due to my background, I decided to collaborate with Monica Vettor: I saw in her story the same stubbornness in reconstructing her life path and the deep bond with the territory that I also experienced. It was, therefore her strong determination and great sensitivity to guide me in the creation of her portraits.”



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